You can customize the event description to really sell your event and tell people the most important information they need to know. Be sure to include a detailed description, and include FAQs like transportation, contact information, and a refund policy. From your event's details section, locate the "Event Description" add your event description there.

Note: Event descriptions with over 1,000 words will be best for your SEO. Be sure to include text in your event description (not just images), and avoid using images with lots of text, like flyers. Typing out your event description helps your event appear on search engines like Google, and in other search engines.

Steps to follow: 

1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript account.

2. Go to the desired events details menu in which you want to add/change the description.

  • Click on the event.

  • Go to the details menu just below the attendees(Left sidebar)

Now you will be directed to the event management page.

  • Click on Description Tab on this page.

  • Now click on Edit description button.

Note: You can add images, link, iframe and more type of content in your description.

  • Enter your event description in text-box.
  • Click on save button.

Your description is updated to your event page. You can check this on the event page.