Our event creation process is super easy and fast.It will give you an attractive and engaging event live in few steps. You can create an event like Endurance, Conference, Entertainment, traveling, Educational, Adventure and all. Simply choose "Create an Event" on the home page or in your dashboard to start setting up your events. We also have robust customization options so you can get the most out of your event listing.

Note: If you are new to Townscript just click on "Create an Event" this process will start with sign-up on Townscript.

Steps to follow:

1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript dashboard(Sign-up if you are new to Townscript).

2. Click on the "Plus" button on top right corner to create an event.

  • Enter event name.
  • Select event visibility (Public is open to all and Private is invitation only).
  • Select start & end date.
  • Hit submit button.

3. Enter venue for your event.

  • Enter your address and select from google shown results or manually.
Note: If you’re not sure what your venue will be, you can enter just a city and state in the address field (or start typing for predictive completion). Your location will show up on a Google map below, which shows up on your event listing as you see it here (uncheck to remove it or zoom to adjust).

Tips: You can also select "Enter address" to manually enter an address if Google doesn’t recognize your location.

4. Add description for your event.

  • Add important information about your event in the description.

Tips: Go to Add description to your event for write effective event description.

5. Add types & Tags to your event.

Note:  Event tags are automated and based on your event location, event type, event topic and event sub-topic. You can't edit or add additional tags for your event.

6. Add Images to your event.

  • Add cropped images of size asked.

Note: Any images you use must be yours and engaging.

7. Add Tickets to your event.

  • Click on "Add Ticket"

  • Enter ticket name.
  • Add quantity and Maximum and minimum limits.
  • Add price to your event.(If it is free event, keep it zero)

 Manage Townscript & Payment gateways fee(Fourth row in add a new ticket page).

  • Select "Me" if you want to pay Townscript fee and Select "Buyer" if you want to charge from the buyer.
  • Select Payment gateway fee in the same way.

  • Select start date & end date for tickets.
  • Enter ticket description(That will look below your ticket name).
  • Enter the message for attendee(It will receive to attendee when they book tickets).
  • Click on save button

You can see your added ticket in ticket section of the event.

Note: Once you sell a paid ticket, you won't be able to change the price of that ticket type. However, you can hide the ticket and then create a new paid ticket at the new price.

8.  Add questions to organizers form.

Here, you will see two mandatory question.

  • Click on Plus(+) button on top right corner.
  • Fill question title.
  • Select question type(Text, paragraph, number, checkbox, multiple choice date and all).
  • Select the ticket type where you want to add the new question(Questions in only asked when the only particular ticket type is added to buy ).
  • Choose it is optional or mandatory.
  • Click on "Add Question" button.

Question is successfully added to attendee form, You can check on form tab of your event.

And Your event is created successfully. 

Tip: Don't forget to make your event live by enabling radio button in your dashboard.

Note: By default, your event will process payments with Townscript Payment Processing. If you want to use a PayPal, make sure to set this up before your first ticket sale!