You can customize your URL by your choice. Your event URL is very important for SEO of your event Page. Please, make sure that your event URL is readable by the user and meaningful. 

Note: Two URL should never be same as your any previous Event page URL. Don't add space ( ) in URL that is not accepted.

Steps to follow: 

1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript account.

2. Go to the desired events details menu in which you want to change URL.

  • Click on the event.
  • Go to the details menu just below the attendees(Left sidebar).

Change URL of the event.

  • Under event details section, Click on edit basic details.
  • Change the URL.

Now, your event is live on updated URL.

Tips: Remove the previous URL from all places where you shared or embedded. Don't change your event name every time just add a postfix to distinguish from past event. That is will help you in rank faster in google and good for your brand building.

Info: We have a feature named " Enable Restricted Registrations" where you can upload email IDs that you only want register. That you can use in Meetups and reunions.