Our Analytics tool gives you the power to handle all of that data through greater visibility and usability, so you can make more informed decisions for future events. With the tool, you can focus on sales or attendees over a period of time, related to a specific event or all events and filter data based on various options (like net earning remaining transfer, ticket type, refunds and all).

Note: Download data for based ticket type is not available. You can see ticket type sells in a graphical view, that you can download as well. 

Steps to follow: 

1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript account.

2. See the Reporting section.

  • Click on Reports section upper navigation header bar.

Here, you can see sales based on every event. Also, you can analyze your data by graphs and bars.

  • Filter data for a particular event. Click on all event drop-down and select an event to see data.

  • To filter data based on specific time click on time tabs(Today, Tomorrow, This week, This year and Custom for select dates)
  • Download the graph and bar view charts.