The sequence generator is great for generating a unique number for the attendees participating in your event! You can use it to create sequences for similar groups, You can generate a sequence of particular questions in a ticket type like if you want to separate male and female in your event then you can assign a different sequence to each. That you can export from attendees section and provide to your partners and timing chip agency.

Note: Sequence generator will add two extra columns in your attendees one for sequence name and another one for sequence value.

Tips: You can use it for all type of event where you need the sequences for attendees(Eg. For conference you can assign different sequence for delegates, VIPs and attendees like D001, V001 and A001 ).

Steps to follow:

1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript account.

2. Select the event in which you want to change the tickets order.

  • Click on the desired event

  • Go to the Tickets menu(Left sidebar).

3. Assign Auto-sequence to tickets.

  • Click the sequence generator option.
  • Click on plus(+) button in the pop-up.

  • Enter the sequence name(eg. 5k Men).

  • Enter start value of sequence number (Eg. If you want to start the sequence from 1000, Enter 1000 in start value).
  • Enter increase by value(Eg. Enter 5 if you want sequence numbers in the difference of 5).
  • Enter Min. digits(Number of digits in sequence number Eg. If you added 4 your sequence will start from 0001 and it is an optional option).
  • Enter prefix(Eg. If you want to separate sequence number by prefix like "M" for male and "F" for female).

4. Filter by attendee's response(Optional)

  • Select the question by which you want to filter like gender, city, age.

  • Enter the answer by which you want to filter, Answer is case sensitive(Eg. If you enter male, It will provide the sequence to all male attendees).
  • Click on ad sequence button.
  • Check by clicking on sequence generator option in the ticket.

Now, you can see the assigned sequence to particular tickets. You can download the attendee's list with two extra column with the name of sequence value and sequence name.

Tips: While adding sequence numbers to different tickets take care of start value and prefix. It can be same if you assigned the same start value without prefix.