It’s always better to have the right set of information displayed at the right place. Few pieces of information you may need less & few in detail. But to fit both these information in single form can be tedious & a person might also lose interest in the event if the form is too long. So for huge details, we are now introducing the feature of Hyperlink which you can attach beneath the question you want to consider adding it in.

Here is the screenshot of live event form (If you have added Terms & Condition link in the form 

where registrant will select the Job Type )

Steps to follow:

  • Login or sign-in to your Townscript account
  • Select the event in which you want to introduce the Hyperlink
  • Click on the desired event
  • Go to the forms menu (Left sidebar corner)

  • Click on Plus (+) button on top right corner to add a new question

  • You can then see the “Add Hyperlink option”
  • Once clicked then finally you will receive 2 options to add Hyperlink as, a) Upload file & b) Enter URL

Note: The Hyperlink always opens in the new tab for an attendee. It thus ensures the attendee's focus on the registration page.