Townscript, now supports international payments and serves you to host international events in over 25+ countries.

Here is a basic walk through the full process guiding you to host and sell tickets online for any event happening in your country or any of the countries from this list.

This guide covers the following processes:

1) Setting up a new organizer account on Townscript.

2) Creating and publishing a new event on Townscript.

3) Adding your Bank account details for fund transfer from ticket sales in IDR.
4) Adding PAYPAL account for selling tickets in other countries in USD.

5) Managing and monitoring ticket sales for different events.

For organizers who already have an account setup with Townscript, the first step can be skipped.


  1. Visit and click on "Create Event" Button as shown in below.
    This will lead you to the new organizer registration page.

  2. Sign up for your new organizer account for free using your Google account or Facebook account, or directly fill in the required details.
    Click on "Sign up" button.

  3. An email containing the account verification and activation link will be automatically sent to your registered email account.

    Click on the link to further go the event setup page.


  4. After clicking on the verification link in the mail, you will be directed to your organizer account.

    Upload your company logo or organizer profile pic and confirm the organization name to move ahead.

  5. The following page shows all your past & active event details and sales reports and numbers for the tickets that have been sold.

    Click on "Create New Event".

  6.  Before starting the setup process for your new event, fill in your legal address, that is the country and the state in which your organisation is registered. You can still create and host events for countries other than the country mentioned in your legal address.
    For this case it will be "Indonesia".

  7. Enter the "Basic" details for the your event like Event Name, Visibility type, Organized by, Event start and end dates.

    Click on Submit button.

  8.  Fill in the "Location" details for your event. In case the event is online, click on the online radio button and fill in the required details.

    Click on Submit button.

  9. Enter the "Description" about your event. Mention all the required info that will be required by your attendee while booking a ticket for the event.
    Click on Submit button.

  10. Enter the "Type & Tags" for your event. This information will be used while customers search for an event on the platform, on basis of categories and event types.
    Click on Submit button.

  11. Upload your event's cover image that you want to display on the event page that will be created specially for your event.

    Upload the card image for your event that will be used in the listing section/pages.

    Click on Submit button.

  12.  The "Tickets" page will enable to create the various types of tickets that you want to list for your event like early bird, normal, group ticket, etc.

    Click on "Add Ticket".

  13. This page allows you to set the currency and the price of the ticket for your event.
    You can choose any of the enlisted currency to sell the tickets depending upon your requirement.
    Set the ticket name, price, currency, ticket sales window date range, type, total ticket qty, max & min purchase qty.
    Choose and the Townscript and payment gateway commission bearer (organizer/customer), etc.
    NOTE: In case you choose IDR as the ticket currency, the default payment gateway used will be MIDTRANS. In case you opt to sell tickets internationally, you can choose ticket currency as USD, making the PAYPAL as the payment gateway. (Discussed ahead).
    Click on Save button.

  14. Create other ticket types as required and click on Submit button.

    You can create different tickets with different currencies for the same event.

    You can always come back again and create more ticket types if required.

  15. The "Add Form Questions" allows you to setup your own attendee form for recording the various attendee details as required by you.

    Townscript provides various form sample questions that can be directly inserted in the form.

    Else you can create any custom questions as required.

  16. Sample Form questions can be accessed by clicking on "Add New Question".

  17. Click on Submit button after adding all the required question in the form.

  18. Your event is now successfully created and live on Townscript.
    You can access all the data about the event and the ticket sales for the event at this page.


  19. Click on the drop down button top right corner and select "Billing Details" to add integrate your bank account with your organizer account.
    The funds collected from the ticket sales will be directly transferred to this account.

  20. Click on "Edit Details" under the "Bank Account Details" tab and "Tax Details" tab to add the required details.


  21. Click on the "Setting" button on the vertical navigation bar on the left of the screen to access the setting for this particular event.

  22. Click on the slider button in front of "Paypal Payments".
    Enter your paypal account email address to add Paypal as one of the payment methods for the ticket sales for your event.
    Funds collected from the sales via Paypal payment gateway, will be directly transferred to your paypal account.


  23. Once the ticket sales begin, you can access all the sales data through your organizer account. Visit and click on the "Login" button on top right corner of the page

  24. Enter login credentials as set before and login to access your organizer's dashboard.

  25. The organizer dashboard lets you access all your active and past events, and make changes in the events as and when required.

    Click on "Report" tab on the top to access your sales and see how exactly the events are performing.

  26. Click on "Reports" tab on the top. The "Reports" section lets you access the tickets sales for your various events. 

    You can manage refunds, ticket transfers and other actions through this dashboard.

  27. Your funds will be directly transferred to your account after deducting the commission amounts on regular basis without any fail. You will receive confirmation emails like below when the funds are transferred.
    Proper invoice, payment advice and attendee list will be shared with each payment mail.