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How to make the most of the new Townhall Organiser App ?

The new Townhall Organizer App comes with a completely redefined UI/UX and is designed to streamline your entire physical and hybrid event management experience.

- Login to your events dashboard by entering your Townhall credentials . The events dashboard shows a list of all of your ongoing and completed events.

- Inside an event, You can view the list of attendees registered for the event. Attendees can be searched by name in the search tab. You can filter the attendee list based on the Registration status, Ticket types and the Attendees’ checked-in status.

-To Scan an individual attendee ticket , click on the QR code icon on the bottom left to open your camera app. Scan the QR code on the Attendee ticket by making sure the QR code is alligned correctly in the designated area. A popup with the attendee details appears which can be manually verified for the attendee details and approved. A green checkmark besides the attendee name confirms that the attendee has been checked-in.

- Additionally, attendees can be verified manually without scanning. To do this, search for the attendee and click on the attendee name to open the attendee details page. After verifying the details manually, you may check-in by clicking on the Check-In Button.

- For group booked tickets , the list of all the tickets booked in the group ticket is displayed where the individual tickets can be checked-in one at a time.

- Ticket Related information can be viewed in the Tickets Tab while detailed analytics can be found in the Reports section.

Stay tuned for updates. We have more exciting features on the way.

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