You can easily add discounts on your tickets on Townscript. We have feature for creating discounts like discount code, group discount, access code, flat discount and loyalty discount. Discounts are a great way to initiate early registration. It helps in improving customer loyalty. just go to the discount section of the event and add a discount to an event.
Note: Only one coded discount code can be applied per order completed to your event. However, attendees can take advantage of multiple public discounts within the same order when registering for your event.

Steps to follow:

1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript account.

2. Select the event in which you want to collect GST with ticket prices.

  • Click on the desired event

  • Go to the Discount menu(Left sidebar corner). 
  • Click on Plus (+) button on top right corner to add the new discount.

  • Select a type of discount, give it a name, add discount amount and number of discounts.
  • Select ticket type on which you want to apply discount.
  • Click on save button.

Discount is applied to tickets you have selected. Go to the discount section to check your new discount. You can also check on your event booking page.