You can sell tickets right from your personal website or blog by using one of our ticket widgets. It's a great way to drive ticket sales, and we have several options available for you to choose from (Ticket widget, iframe. addons limit, group registration and more). You can avail all the features in the settings menu of your event.

Note: Your outside website must support iframes in order to embed these widgets. users, for instance, will need to install a  plugin.

(Code Embed) allowing you to embed iframes on your site. However, users can use the Multi-Event and Single Event Themes.

Steps to follow:

1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript account.

2. Select the desired event which you want to embed on your website.

  • Click on the desired event.

  • Go to the settings menu(Left bottom corner) and click on Website Integration.

  • Here you have two options: Pop-up code or iframe code for your website page where you want to embed ticket, copy and paste as per your desire.

Note: On this page, you can avail of many other features, like, embedding tickets for your upcoming events on your website, embedding tickets on your Facebook page. You can redirect customers to your webpage after completing the booking process. You can also track user activities by pasting your event page pixel and the numbers of booking by success page pixel.

Your ticket is embedded on your website. You can check on your website, It will look like this (iframe view).


  1. Open settings menu, under Website Integration tab, click on the icon in front of Embed tickets for all your Events

  1. Activate the All Events radio button (you can choose a particular event too here) and copy the embed code, then paste it on your website.