You can restrict viewer or audience to your event by using this feature. The public event is open to everyone and private event is invitation only. In private type event, you have to share your event link to attendees for booking That you can select at the time of creation of an event or edit it after it is live.

Note: Your private event is not listed anywhere on Townscript. Everyone can book your event tickets if they have a link.

Steps to follow: 

1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript account.

Set Privacy while creating an event:

Click on Plus button(+) on top right corner of your dashboard to create an event.

Just below the event name, you can set your event privacy setting in event visibility. The first one is "Public" and another one is  Private". The default one is the Public type.

Change privacy setting of existing event: 

Go to the desired events details menu in which you want to change the privacy setting.

  • Click on the event
  • Go to the details menu just below the attendees(Left sidebar)

Change Privacy settings of event

  • Under event details section, Click on edit basic details.

  • Change event visibility as per your need.

Note: You can also change basics details like tags, image, description, photos and location from here.

Info: We have a feature named " Enable Restricted Registrations" where you can upload email IDs that you only want register. That you can use in Meetups and reunions.

Tips: You can add application based registration if you don't want multiple booking from a shared link.