We have a feature where you can upload Email IDs and then the individuals with those Email IDs can only register for your event. You can use this feature for Meetups and Reunions.

Note: Email restricted events can be public or private. Set event visibility as per your requirments. 

Steps to follow:

1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript account.

2. Go to the desired events setting menu in which you want to accept registrations only from selected Emails.

  • Click on the event

  • Go to the settings menu(Left bottom corner)

 3. Under Registration Settings option enable Restricted Registrations and Upload the File.

  • Click on Registration Settings
  • Enable radio button in front of "Enable Restricted Registrations".
  • Upload the File having Email IDs by clicking on Browse.

Note: Only CSV (comma-separated values) File can be uploaded

Now, individuals having uploaded Email IDs can only register for your Event.

Tips: You can restrict the viewer or audience to your event by using the event visibility feature. The Public event is open to everyone and the Private event is invitation only.