In an application-based booking, the attendee will have to go through the application process before being able to book for the event. Once an attendee fills the form, you will get an application request on your dashboard. Once you approve it, the attendee will get a payment link on their email and then they can complete the payment.

Note: You have to review your dashboard every day to check applications.

Steps to follow:

1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript account.

2. Go to the desired events in which you want to take the application based booking.

  • Click on the event

  • Go to the settings menu(Left bottom corner) and then click on Registration Settings

3. Enable application based registration.

  • Enable the radio button in front of the application-based registration option.

4. Handle your applications.

  • Go to the attendee optionĀ (left menu bar)
  • Click on the pending application button on the top left corner to view all applications.

  • Click on the attendee to view the details.
  • Click on approve or reject as per event eligibility criteria.

The attendee will get a payment link on his email and then he can complete the payment.

Now, the attendee will go through the application process before booking your event.

Tips: Ask all the questions in the attendee form that you need to decide the eligibility.