Townscript now supports international payments and serves you to host international events in over 25+ countries.

Here is a basic walkthrough of the full process which shows how exactly the Townscript platform works for event organizers from your country.

This guide will help you with the following:

  • Setting up a new organizer account on Townscript.

  • Creating and publishing a new event on Townscript.

  • Complete your KYC process for international payments

  • Adding your Bank account details for fund transfer from ticket sales 

  • Managing and monitoring ticket sales for different events.

For organizers who already have an account set up with Townscript, the first step can be skipped.

Setting up a new organizer account on Townscript.


Steps to follow:


1. Visit and click on "Create Event" Button as shown below.

 This will lead you to the new organizer registration page.



2.  Sign up for your own organizer profile for free using your Google account or Facebook account, or directly fill in the details.



3. An email containing the account verification and activation link will be automatically sent to your registered email account.

Click on the link to further go to the event setup page.

Creating and publishing a new event on Townscript.


Choose What of Event you want to create:

  1. Physical Event

  2. Virtual Event




1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript dashboard(Sign-up if you are new to Townscript).



2. Click on the "Plus" button on the top right corner of the “Create Event” button to create an event.

  • Click on Create Event (1st Option)


  • Enter Organizer details and click proceed.


  • Enter the event name.

  • Select event visibility (Public is open to all and Private is invitation only).

  • Select the start & end date and change the event time zone as per your need.

  • If it is a recurring event (Event is in multiple days and for each day ticket is to be bought), click on the checkbox and choose the frequency of the event. Also, if the event has different time slots, you can edit based on that.



  • Hit the submit button.


3. Enter the venue for your event.


  • Enter your address and select from google shown results or manually.

Note: If you’re not sure what your venue will be, you can enter just a city and state in the address field (or start typing for predictive completion). Your location will show up on a Google map below, which shows up on your event listing as you see it here (uncheck to remove it or zoom to adjust).


Tips: You can also select "Enter address" to manually enter an address if Google doesn’t recognize your location.


  • If the event is an online event, enter the URL of the event.



4. Add a description for your event.


  • Add important information about your event in the description.

Tips: Go to Add a description of your event to write an effective event description.


5. Add Images to your event.


  • Add cropped images of size asked.

Note: Any images you use must be yours and engaging.


6. Add Tickets to your event.

  • Click on "Add Ticket"

  • Enter the ticket name.

  • Choose ticket type

  • Add quantity 

  • You can choose any of the enlisted currency to sell the tickets depending upon your requirement.

  • Add price to your event. (If it is a free event, keep it zero)

  • Enter Tickets sales start and end dates.


  • Click on Show Advanced Settings

  • Enter minimum and maximum number of tickets that can be booked per booking

  • Enter Ticket description and Message to attendee(Optional)

  • Click on save button


      You can see your added ticket in the ticket section of the event.


Note: Once you sell a paid ticket, you won't be able to change the price of that ticket type. However, you can hide the ticket and then create a new paid ticket at the new price.


7. Add questions to the organizer's form.


Here, you will see two mandatory questions.


  • Click on the Add New Question button.




  • There are a set of predefined questions that are mostly used to choose from and if you want some other question, click on the “Create Custom Question” button.


  • Fill in the question title.

  • Select question type(Text, paragraph, number, checkbox, multiple-choice, date, and all).

  • Select the ticket type where you want to add the new question(Questions in only asked when the only particular ticket type is added to buy ).

  • Choose question status, optional or mandatory.

  • Click on the "Add Question" button.


Question is successfully added to attendee form, You can check on the form tab of your event.


And Your event is created successfully. 

Tip: Don't forget to make your event live by enabling the radio button on your dashboard.





1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript dashboard(Sign-up if you are new to Townscript).



2. Click on the "Plus" button on the top right corner of the “Create Event” button to create an event.

  • Click on Create Virtual Event



3) Fill all the Details

  • Basic Details

    • Enter the event name.

    • Select event visibility (Public is open to all and Private is invitation only).

    • Change the event time zone as per your need

    • Select the start & end date.


  • Event Description

    • You can enter Links, Photos, Videos, or Tables in your event description.



  • Upload Photos

    • You can upload the cover image of your event here



4) Add Tickets

  • Click on "Add Ticket"



  • Fill all the required details.

  • Ticket Name(Early Bird, Regular Entry, etc.)

  • Ticket Type (Paid, Free, Donation)

  • Total Quantity of tickets

  • Change 

  • You can choose any of the enlisted currency to sell the tickets depending upon your requirement.

  • Ticket Price

  • Ticket sale start and end date and time

    • Click on Show advanced settings

    • Enter the Minimum and the maximum number of tickets that can be booked per booking.

    • Enter the ticket description and the message for attendees (optional).

    • Click on save button


  • You can add another ticket by clicking on the Add Another Ticket button.

  • After adding all types of ticket, click on Submit button


5) Add Form Questions

  • You can add new questions by clicking on Add new question button and choose from the existing set of questions or create your own custom question.



Click on MAKE YOUR EVENT LIVE. Now your event is live.



6) Now to start your event click on Start Event button on the top right corner



7) Now, on this page, you can check everything before going live

  • You can check if your microphone, camera, and the internet is working properly

  • To go Live click on GO LIVE NOW

8) Now this will be your page from you can manage everything during your Live event

  • You can Turn on and off your camera and microphone by clicking on the red icons available on the bottom left corner.

  • You can see the name of your attendees 


  • Read and answer the questions by attendees

  • You can read all the questions on the bottom right corner

  • You can answer each question individually by clicking on the Answer button(blue button)

  • After clicking on the answer button, type the answer below, and click on the Mark As Done button.


  • You can also share the contents of your screen

    • Just click on Share Screen button and a dialogue box will appear

    • Choose what you’d like to share and click on the share button. Now your attendees would be able to see your screen contents.

Note: You can choose from the following options while deciding what to share:

  • Your entire screen: Attendee can see your entire screen, whatever tab you’ll open would be visible

  • Application Window: Only the current townscript live event tab would be visible

  • Chrome tab: You can choose any one of the open chrome tabs, which then would be visible.  

To end the event just click on the End Event button.


Steps to Follow:

1) Login to your account.

2) Go to the billings tab under the Organizing Events menu at the right side corner drop-down menu. 


As the event tickets are being sold in international currencies, the default payment gateway used will be "STRIPE".

Therefore for making the event live, you need to first complete your KYC process with stripe. 


 3) If you have your Stripe account then click on connect your own Stripe Account option, give all the details asked to authorize your account, otherwise Click on default and complete your KYC


4) When you click on Complete KYC, you will be redirected to the KYC details page and click on Enter Your Details Option and start filling all the details.

  1. If you are an Individual:

  • Choose “an Individual”

  • Enter your first and last name

  • Verify your phone number (OTP will be sent to the registered number)

  • Enter your Address, city, state and zip code

  • SSN last 4 digits and other details

  • Click on Proceed.





  1. If you are a company:

  • Choose a Company

  • Enter company name

  • Verify your phone number

  • Enter Address, city, state and zip code


  • Enter all the Owner Details asked

  • Click on Proceed



5) Verify your identity

  • Choose the Id card from the dropdown menu.

  • Upload front and back scanned copies of the card.

  • Click on Proceed



6) Link your Bank Account

  • Enter the following information

    • Name of Bank

    • Account Number

    • routing Number

    • Click on submit details.


KYC Verification takes 24-48 Hours' time.

You will receive a mail from Townscript confirming that your KYC account is under review. Once the review is complete and your KYC is accepted, you will get a confirmation on mail from Townscript



Our Analytics tool gives you the power to handle all of that data through greater visibility and usability, so you can make more informed decisions for future events. With the tool, you can focus on sales or attendees over a period of time, related to a specific event or all events and filter data based on various options (like Net Earnings Summary, Ticket Type, Discounts, Refunds, and Cancellations, etc.)


Steps to follow: 

1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript account.



2. See the Reports Tab.

  • Click on the Reports Option on the Top navigation header bar.




Here, you can see sales based on every event. Also, you can analyze your data by graphs and bars.

  • Filter data for a particular event. Click on all event drop-down and select an event to see data.



  • To filter data based on specific time click on time tabs(Today, Tomorrow, This week, This year, This Financial year and Custom for select dates)


  • Download the graph and bar view charts.