In the midst of emergency situations, training programs, conferences, conventions, meetings, and similar events are getting canceled left and right. 

While nothing can quite replace the unique benefits of face-to-face gatherings. Virtual Events - if thoughtfully done, can accomplish surprisingly powerful results. 

Therefore, Townscript has launched its own virtual event platform, Townscript Live, where you can host virtual events.

Note: Attendees don't need to download any software to attend the event, they just have to open a link on any browser to be part of the event.

Just follow the below steps to host your own virtual event using Townscript Live.

Note: If you are new to Townscript just click on "Create an Event", this process will start with sign-up on Townscript.


Steps to follow:


1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript dashboard(Sign-up if you are new to Townscript).



2. Click on the "Plus" button on the top right corner of the “Create Event” button to create an event.

  • Click on Create Virtual Event

3) Fill all the Details

  • Basic Details

    • Enter the event name.

    • Select event visibility (Public is open to all and Private is invitation only).

    • Select the start & end date.

  • Event Description

    • You can enter Links, Photos, Videos or Tables in your event description.

  • Upload Photos

    • You can upload the cover image of your event here

4) Add Tickets

  • Click on "Add Ticket"

  • Fill all the required details.

  • Ticket Name(Early Bird, Regular Entry, etc.)

  • Ticket Type (Paid, Free, Donation)

  • Total Quantity of tickets

  • Ticket Price

  • Ticket sale start and end date and time

  • Manage Townscript & Payment gateways fee.

    • Click in Show advanced settings

    • Select "Me" if you want to pay the Townscript fee and Select "Buyer" if you want to charge from the buyer.

    • Select the Payment gateway fee in the same way.

    • You can enter description and message to an attendee

    • Click on SAVE.

  • Choose GST settings, as applicable and click on SUBMIT


5) Add Form Questions

  • You can add new questions by clicking on Add new question button and choose from the existing set of questions or create your own custom question.



Click on MAKE YOUR EVENT LIVE. Now your event is live.



6) Now to start your event click on Start Event button on the top right corner

7) Now, on this page, you can check everything before going live

  • You can check if your microphone, camera, and the internet is working properly

  • To go Live click on GO LIVE NOW

8) Now this will be your page from you can manage everything during your Live event

  • You can Turn on and off your camera and microphone by clicking on the red icons available on the bottom left corner.

  • You can see the name of your attendees 

  • Read and answer the questions by attendees
  • You can read all the questions on the bottom right corner

  • You can answer each question individually by clicking on the Answer button(blue button)

  • After clicking on the answer button, type the answer below, and click on the Mark As Done button.

  • You can also share the contents of your screen

    • Just click on Share Screen button and a dialogue box will appear

    • Choose what you’d like to share and click on the share button. Now your attendees would be able to see your screen contents.

Note: You can choose from the following options while deciding what to share:

  • Your entire screen: Attendee can see your entire screen, whatever tab you’ll open would be visible

  • Application Window: Only the current townscript live event tab would be visible

  • Chrome tab: You can choose any one of the open chrome tabs, which then would be visible.  

To end the event just click on the End Event button.

For pricing, contact at