Using the custom validation feature you can set up custom restrictions on what an attendee can enter in the answer field. You can choose the answer type from only alphabets, numerics, alphanumerics, etc. and the minimum or maximum length of the answer.


You can set it up following the below-mentioned steps:

Steps to follow:

1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript account.

2. Select the event in which you want to make the changes.

  • Click on the desired event

3) Go to FORMS menu(left sidebar) and click on +(plus) on the top right corner

4) Now create a custom question by clicking on the Create a Custom Question button.

5) Fill all the blanks

  • Enter the Question title

  • Choose Question type 

  • Select the question status(Mandatory/Optional) and the type of tickets for which it is applicable.

  • Click on Add Question

6) Now go to the settings menu in front of the question created and click on Add Custom Validation

7) Fill in the blanks.

  • Select the Custom Validation Type from the dropdown (Only Alphabets, Numerics, etc.)

  • Enter the minimum and maximum length of the answer

  • Click on SAVE.

Now, in the above example, the attendee can enter only numerics in the answer field which has to have a minimum length of 5 digits and maximum it can be 6.

You can create your own custom questions and can put custom restrictions on the answers using the Custom Regex in custom validation type.