Payment Advice: Payment Advice is generated when any payment is made to the organizer. It contains the details of the payments such as for which all event was the payment made, reference number of the payment, etc. 

Note: When any Payment Advice is generated, the same is sent to the organizer’s email id along with the transactions for which the settlement has been made. 

TS Invoices: TS invoices are invoices containing the Townscript Charges for all the transactions that took place for a particular event for a month. TS Invoices are generated at the start of the following month for each of the events where the transaction has taken place.

Where to find Payment Advice and TS Invoices?

Both Payment Advice and TS Invoices can be found under the PAYOUTS Section of the BILLINGS Tab.

Tip: You can download the payment transaction list from the TRANSACTION Tab (can be seen in the image above) using appropriate filters.