Group registration allows one person to register multiple people for your event quickly. You can enable this feature easily and also customize it according to your needs. Just follow the steps below.

Steps to follow:

1) Login or sign-in to your Townscript account.

2) Select the event in which you want to make the necessary changes.

  • Click on the desired event

3) Go to the Settings menu(left sidebar) and open Registration Settings Tab.

4) Click on the Settings icon in front of the Group Registrations option

5) Allow Group Registration

  • Select the tickets which can be purchased by a group

  • You can select the Only Group Registration option, to accept only group registrations for that particular ticket

  • Choose the number of minimum and maximum team members.

  • Click on Save.

Now when an attendee opens the booking page, he will see two options: Coming as a Team or an Individual?

Now, if he/she selects “Team”, then he/she can either join a team or create his new team.

This feature is suitable for any event that needs a team to register like Sports, Obstacle race, etc.