As an organizer, you might receive multiple queries from attendees requesting a change in their ticket type or certain details provided at the time of registration. Doing these changes manually will take a lot of time and effort. In order to make this easy, you as an organizer can give permission to the attendees to do the following on their own:

       1. Edit Details: Allow attendees to edit their form answers from MyBookings.

          Allows attendees to make changes in their form answers.

       2. Transfer Ticket: Allow attendees to transfer their tickets from MyBookings.

           Allows attendees to transfer their ticket to another person.

       3. Change Ticket: Allow attendees to change their tickets to ones that have the same or less price.

           Allows attendees to change the ticket type that has been purchased.

Steps to follow:

1) Login or sign-in to your Townscript account.

2) Select the event in which you want to make the necessary changes.

  • Click on the desired event

3) Go to the Settings menu(left sidebar) and open Registration Settings Tab.

  1. Enable the radio button of the features you want to activate

Once you enable the desired options the attendees will be able to perform the particular action from the My Bookings Tab.