You can delete an event on Townscript only when it is in the draft phase. Once an event creation is complete, deleting that event is not possible. However, you can unpublish your event anytime if your event is completed or any problem occurs with your event or If you accidentally published your event, you can easily unpublish your page so it's no longer live on the site. Just click on the Green Radio Button in the Event Dashboard. 

The below steps will guide you to unpublish your event.

1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript account.

2. Now, you can see a green radio button on the bottom right corner of your event. Disable the radio button by clicking on it to unpublish your event.

Now your event won't be visible on the Townscript Website.

Tips: If your event is recurring, you can always go back and publish it next year or do changes and publish again.