Yes, using the organizing team feature you can give event wise limited or full access to your team members.

To add a new user and assign them a role just follow the below steps.

Steps to follow:

1. Login or sign-in to your Townscript account and go to My Profile section.

2) Now go to the Organizing Team tab and click on Add a New User.

3) Fill all the details

  • Enter the name of the user

  • Enter Email ID (an invitation will be on this email ID only and the person would have to Sign Up/Login on Townscript using it to access the role assigned)

  • Choose the role you want to assign

  • You can choose from predefined roles:

    • Admin: An admin can perform all actions for the event(s) that you can perform as an organizer for that event

    • Attendee Viewer: An attendee viewer can only view all details of attendees of the selected event(s) but can not download them

    • Details Downloader: A details downloader can view all attendee details & tickets/forms/discounts and can download the attendee’s list

    • On-ground admin: An on-ground admin can perform all actions related to search/view/edit attendees or view reports during your on-ground (at the venue) operations and can view tickets/forms/discounts/attendees in the dashboard but can not make any changes to them.

  • You can create a custom role with a customized list of permissions, click on Create Custom Role button

    • Enter Role Name

    • Enter Role Description

    • Select the Permissions you want to give

    • Click on SAVE.

  • Choose the Event/Events you want to give access to by clicking on the event name

  • Click on SAVE.

4) Now this User will receive an email, wherein he will have to click on the link to access his predefined role

  • if the user is new on Townscript, then he/she would need to sign up to access the role

  • If the user already has an account on Townscript, then he/she would need to login to access the role

5) When the user clicks on the link and login on Townscript, he/she would be able to access the dashboard and the predefined roles

  • In the screenshot below you can see the user has Admin role for the event

6) You can Resend Invitation or Delete a User from the Organizing Team tab only.

  • Click on the arrow icon to resend the invitation

  • Click on the bin icon to delete the user