Now host your online event without any hassle. You may use any of the platforms of your choice -  Townscript Live, Zoom, Google Meet, YouTube, WebEx etc. 

Introducing Joining Page for Online events

We have now introduced the Joining Page concept for attendees of online events. 

  • It is a guiding page for attendees which has all details for joining your online event at one place. You can add joining link, credentials, and joining instructions too. 
  • Sensitive details like link and credentials will be visible only 30 mins before your event start time on the joining page. 
  • Joining page will be a Unique URL for every attendee accessible from booking success page and ticket email. Max security is ensured in this way. 
  • You can modify joining details anytime and the changes will reflect in real-time on their joining page. You can make last moment changes too without any hassle! 

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