Townscript supports your virtual runs/cycling/walking etc. activity-based events holistically. All types of activity events are supported. 

Please do not confuse this category with Online events hosted on Zoom or other online platforms. This category is for events that are activity-based - running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc. Events where attendees have to upload their activity and get access to the leaderboard or rewards like certificate or medal etc. (Totally depends on the organizer)

With Townscript, you can use your own leaderboard and upload the activity process. We will totally support you with Ticketing aspects in that scenario. 

In case you would like to use our most appreciated upload and leaderboard services, please reach out to Townscript offers e-certificate & e-bib services too. We supported 500+ virtual activity events since March 2020.

(Sample Virtual Cycling Event Image)