Joining Page Screenshot (Sample event)

We have now introduced Joining page concept for attendees of online events.  

  • It is a guiding page for attendees which has all details for joining your online event in one place. You can add joining link, credentials, and joining instructions too. 
  • Sensitive details like link and credentials will be visible only 30 mins before your event start time on the joining page. 
  • Joining page will be a Unique URL for every attendee accessible from booking success page and ticket email. Max security is ensured in this way. 
  • You can modify joining details anytime and the changes will reflect in real time in their joining page. You can make last moment changes too without any hassle! 

Part of 'Send Announcement' reminders too!

You can send announcement to all of your attendees with the joining page URL merge tag. In this way, attendees will receive their joining page URL again whenever you send an announcement before the event. 

Don't want joining page for your attendees? 

In case your event does not require joining page concept, you can opt for the option "Hosting an online event which does not require a joining link?" on the screen when choosing between Townscript Live and Other Platforms.